2D10 RPG

The 2D10 RPG is a one page, rules light system that is fast, easy to read, and fun to play. Plus, I’m releasing a bunch of bonus material to use right away.

The Basic Hack

The Basic Hack is inspired by the classic Red Box experience. Enter into a world of fantasy adventure that’s both familiar and easy enough to teach youngsters. The game includes a solo adventure and unique spin on classic fantasy rules. (Note: I’ll put together a resource page for the Basic Hack soon.)


Bellbot is a fun, hilarious, simple RPG where you play a Bellbot in a sprawling, inter-dimensional space hotel and have to serve a strange collection of clientele in order get big tips. It’s free.

Debate Night in America

A mythos-inspired romp for Cthulhu Hack, Debate Night in America is a political thriller set in the great state of Maryland. A Senator has been captured committing a heinous murder – but is it real? What forces could be at work, attempting to bring the incumbent down?

Fast & Easy RPG (FERPG)

I wrote the Fast & Easy RPG sometime in 1998, one of the first rules light RPGs I ever put together. It’s not very good, but I’m going to be sharing a bunch more things from the archives on this website. Enjoy.

The Life & Times of a Teenage Sorcerer

In the Life & Times of a Teenage Sorcerer, you play a sorcerer navigating high school and evil wizards out to ruin your small town’s good nature. Explore mysteries, and practice your math skills.

The Mark System

The Mark System is an open source roleplaying game system, used to power Foreign Element and geared toward high action games where heroes face off against hordes of vile creatures. The PDF includes optional add-ons and creative ways to use the game in your own creations.


WATERHACK is a post-apocalyptic, gonzo game rooted in OSR-hack fun where you play Accountants preserving precious water resources in the Waterless Wastes.

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In Development


Cleaners is going to be a light fantasy knock-off beer & pretzel game where the heroes are tasked with cleaning up the scourge of dirt and grime across the kingdom.


Extinction is a post-apocalyptic game of mecha and alien oppressors. It’s still in development.