Things remain quiet

It’s 2024, and Mystic Ages Publishing is mostly on hiatus.

I appreciate the support over on DriveThruRPG, and I do have plans to add more products to, which is a really cool community with lots of amazing projects.

I start drafting a game called INVITED TO A DWARVEN WEDDING that is absolute ridiculous but fun. I may release it in a month or two.

I have dreams about ELDRITCH ASS KICKING, which is not under my control, but who knows what might happen?

Some of my focus may simply be to get back into gaming after a cross-country move in this coming year and explore the various opportunities to have some fun and build on what I already have in place.

See you soon.

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Resist Extinction

Extinction Roleplaying Game

I’ve posted a roleplaying game from the archives for you to download, read through, and enjoy. Consider this post the feedback thread if you want to share ideas or questions.

Extinction was an entry to a Mecha RPG Design contest. I cobbled it together fairly quickly based on some ideas that had been ruminating. While the game is mostly playable, it’s pretty simple and a bit of a mess. The rules could be more tightly focused and simplified. I’m not sure the premise is the most unique, but there are some sweet ideas in there.

I had been working on an updated version of this, but for now, I’ll just put this “ashcan” version out in the wild again. Enjoy!

Grab it here.

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December Update

It’s been quiet around here, as I haven’t had much time or energy for RPG design.

But in a little bit of good design, I’m excited about using the incredible Mac app Craft, which makes it easy to share writing or export beautiful PDFs as I go. Look for some ideas to be circulated. Here’s an example of the 2D10 game system easily accessible via a secret link from Craft:

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Good morning, and Happy Friday!

The little post-apocalyptic RPG I’ve been working on, inspired by OSR style hack games, is officially available on DriveThruRPG and on I’d love it if you took a look and helped spread the word.

In WATERHACK, you play Accountants (seriously) who wander around the wastes trying to insure communities have access to water. In order to do so, you may have to fend off water ghouls, vapor vampires, waste monsters, and other strange creatures and deal with conflicts. The game uses a roll under system on a D20 and requires actual water receptacles as representative of your hero’s health. Lots of tongue in cheek humor and stuff embedded in the rules. I hope it makes you laugh!

Get it for $4.99.

Happy Gaming!

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WATERHACK Preview #2

WATERHACK goes live tomorrow on DriveThruRPG. I will be putting it on the side of things as well shortly. To whet your appetite (or thirst), here are a couple of pages from the core book.

Download a 2 page Preview PDF here:

I am open to doing a print version of the game, but I imagine there will be some errata and balance fixes as it goes out into the wild. I’ll wait until I get some of that feedback before working a print on demand option.

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