Debate Night in America

Debate Night in America is my newest release, a sinister, mythos-inspired adventure and story for Cthulhu Hack. Your Investigators will work against the clock to uncover the truth about a savage murder and the forces at work as a political campaign hangs in the balance. The adventure can work for any Cthulhu or horror type game.

The great state of Maryland is undergoing a tight Senate race with the winner helping continue to shape the national political landscape in Washington DC. Senator Gold, a long tenured politician, is facing down the surge of a young, vibrant outsider, Racquel McBrennan. On the morning of their only debate, a jogger is murdered by what a video depicts as Senator Gold himself. What foul plot is at work? Who actually killed the jogger? Why does the murder reek of arcane magics? Will the Investigators, brought in by a shadowy government entity called the Organization, piece together the clues and stop the rise of a political juggernaut – or will they worship the one they came to stop?

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