Santa vs. Santa

Santa vs. Santa

Kris Kringle is revered across the world as a bringer of good luck and merry tidings to people, young and old. December 25th — Christmas — is his throne, a day filled with dizzying displays of deeds resulting in the distribution of billions of presents beneath Christmas trees around the globe. The truth is that Santa Claus uses no old world magic, no sleight-of- hand, no rocket-powered sleigh (although he does own one). Santa uses thousands of highly-trained, highly- motivated elves such as yourself to infiltrate and deliver presents and dreams-come-true to countless children on Christmas morn.

And yes, the job is far more dangerous than you think.

To join Santa’s legendary brigade of elven superspies, read on to discover classified information on the ongoing Christmas War and how to foil Evil Santa’s plans to destroy Christmas forever.

But hey, if you aren’t up for it, there’s always extra room on the reindeer poop detail.

Santa vs. Santa is a free roleplaying game for kids, Christmas lovers, and anyone in between. Download it today and enjoy your holidays!

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