Basic Hack

Basic Hack

“With your trusty battle axe in hand, you leave behind your devastated village and begin to explore the surrounding woods. You call out for your puppy. There is no response. You are just about to give up when you notice an old, strange cave near a canyon wall. The entrance to the cave is muddy. In the mud, you can make out what look like tracks leading into the darkness. What would you like to do?”

Conjuring up some of the classic wonder of the Red Box, the Basic Hack is a friendly approach to fantasy roleplaying game based off of Black Hack and other versions of the original fantasy roleplaying game. Experienced players will discover familiar ground with six stats, 20-side dice, hit points, spells, and monsters. New players will begin with a light-hearted solo adventure to introduce the basics of the game.

What makes the Basic Hack different?

  • Written and playtested to be easy and straightforward for all ages, especially children!
  • No levels. Heroes grow in strength and ability through a story, not necessarily slaying monsters.
  • You can play in minutes with the included solo adventure.
  • Very simple but compatible with a lot of other OSR resources.

Grab a copy and enjoy. Game with a youngster in your life. Reintroduce gaming to an old diehard. Have fun.

Pay what you want.