Some years ago, an impromptu contest was sponsored on the RPG.Net Game Design forum using an artist’s work (defcombeta) as inspiration.

My entry was Extinction, a story focused mecha game, that received high marks but didn’t win because it lacked movement rules. The irony is that I designed it not to have movement rules, but the truth is the game is nothing more than a sketch. Included in the PDF, you’ll have enough to get started – background, character creation, mech creation, basic rules, and technology resources. If I find additional notes from the game, I’ll post them here.

From the game:

Extinction is a roleplaying game about the last days of humanity. In the far future, mankind’s surge into the stars comes to a frightening halt at the hands of the Azulls. This insectoid alien race wields advanced technology and unwavering goals to exterminate the human race. On Earth, the invasion comes, but clinging to their shattered lives, people survive. Now, Guardians, brave Mech pilots, carry on the fight against the Azulls, preserving a tomorrow as mankind huddles in dark caves and shattered ruin.

You will play a Guardian, a warrior of great skill and honor. Your Mech is your potent machine of war, bristling with weapons and ability to match the Azulls’ terrible technology. Will you uphold your values and save your people? Can you forge alliances and discover the means to destroy the Azulls? Will mankind live to see a new age?